Sell franklin mint silver fast!


Why Sell to Us?

When the time comes to sell your Franklin Mint Silver sets, you have a decision to make. You can either sell everything at once, lock stock and barrel, or you can sell the collections one by one over a long period of time in many scattered transactions. The path you take depends on a number of factors, including the amount of time you wish to invest in selling your collection, how quickly you want cash, whether you have the aptitude to deal with many individual people over many mail-order transactions, and so on. Sure, you could sell on eBay, but do you really want that hassle? And did you know eBay now reports your sales to the IRS each year on a form 1099!? By the time you have made a sale on eBay and paid all their commissions and fees, including PayPal fees which are NOW REQUIRED if you sell on eBay, you would have been better off selling direct.

We have been buying collections directly from individuals for over 25 years, so we have perfected the art of buying. When we buy from you, you can rest assured that we will do everything we say we will do, and that the transaction will be fast, simple, and secure.

We are so confident in our ability to treat our sellers right, we even offer PAYMENT IN ADVANCE OF SHIPMENT for sellers with good references (obviously, we must take precautions when we offer this guarantee - good references are a must). If you prefer not to give references, you can receive payment upon delivery, or you can deliver to us in Chattanooga, TN.

More Reasons To Sell To Us...

sell sterling WE DO NOT REPORT TO IRS! We do not file Form 1099 to the IRS (eBay does). It is NOT REQUIRED, therefore we don't.

sell sterling WE DO NOT MELT! We are collectors ourselves and also resell to collectors.

sell sterling SIGHT UNSEEN OFFERS We will make our offer upfront, without requiring you to ship first for an offerl!

sell sterling We will PAY IN ADVANCE with your good references! No one else does this!

sell sterling ESTABLISHED BUYERS We have been buying from the public for over 25 years!

sell sterling VERIFIED BUYER We are members of the Better Business Bureau and the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce!

sell flatware FAST PAYMENT! We pay fast, saving you the hassle of messing with eBay!

sell silver TOP DOLLAR PAID! We pay TOP DOLLAR! More than your local pawn shop, jewelry store, and usually more than you could get on eBay (after fees, commissions, and hassling with picky buyers).

When We Buy From You...

We can make payment to you via any of the following payment methods:
Company Check

Company Check

Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer
Third Party Escrow
Third Party Escrow
(we use escrow.com)

Business References

sell silver Before selling to us, we invite you to verify our business and banking references:

Better Business Bureau, Member Services, 423-266-0396 (member # 40061041)

Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, 423-763-2121

Regions Bank, Business Banking, 423-321-6638 (main office)

(please note that our company name is 2nd Markets Corp., this site is owned by 2nd Markets Corp - www.2ndMarkets.com)

What Do We Buy?

We buy all kinds of private mint silver sets, including:
sterling silver  History of USA sets
sterling silver  History of Mankind Medals
sterling silver  Centennial Car Ingot Medals
sterling silver  Presidents Ingots Sets
sterling silver  100 Greatest Masterpieces Medals
sterling silver  Genius of Michelangelo Medals
sterling silver  Genius of Leonardo da Vinci Medals
sterling silver  Genius of Rembrandt Medals
sterling silver  Greatest American Art Treasures Medals
sterling silver  Masterpieces of Ruben Medals
sterling silver  Greatest Sailing Ships Medals
sterling silver  Bicentennial Ingot Sets
sterling silver  Wonders of America Medals
sterling silver  America's Greatest People Medals
sterling silver  History of Flight Medals
sterling silver  Treasures of the Renaissance Medals
sterling silver  Great Flags of America Ingots
sterling silver  Flags of the United Nations Ingots
sterling silver  History of Jewish People Medals
sterling silver  World's Great Ocean Liners Ingots
sterling silver  International Bank Ingot Sets
sterling silver  Art Treasures of the Vatican Medals
sterling silver  Masterpieces of Raphael Medals
sterling silver  Greatest International Locomotives Ingots
sterling silver  History of Great Britain Medals
sterling silver  Opera's Most Beautiful Moments Medals
sterling silver  World's Greatest Racing Cars Ingots
sterling silver  Great Explorers of Canada Medals
sterling silver  Great American Triumphs Medals
sterling silver  Kings and Queens of England Medals
sterling silver  Flags of the American Revolution Ingots
sterling silver  Governors Edition States of the Union Medals
sterling silver  Official Mayors Medals
sterling silver  50 Fifty State Bicentennial Medals
sterling silver  America's Greatest Events Ingot Set
sterling silver  America The Beautiful Ingot Set
sterling silver  Big Game Animals Medals
sterling silver  Classic Cars Ingots
sterling silver  Old West Ingots
sterling silver  History of the Civil War Medals
sterling silver  Currier and Ives Ingots
sterling silver  History Of Pharmacy Medals
sterling silver  History Of Medicine Medals
sterling silver  History Of Dentistry Medals
sterling silver  History of the Olympics Games Medals
sterling silver  Special Commemorative Issues
sterling silver  Wonders of Mankind Medals
sterling silver  Life of Lincoln Medals
sterling silver  23rd Psalm Ingots
sterling silver  Patriots Hall of Fame Medals
sterling silver  America In Space Medals
sterling silver  Life of Christ Medals