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The Top 10 Most Valuable Franklin Mint Silver Sets

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From the mid-1960s to the late 1980s, The Franklin Mint issued limited edition coin and ingot sets made of sterling silver, bronze, pewter, and sometimes gold-plated sterling silver. The sets were sold using a subscription model, where each month the subscriber would receive one or two coins to add to their set. At the end of the subscription period, the collection would be complete. The sets were also sold as a complete set, without the need to subscribe. 

Today, with the value of silver and gold having reached more or less the same inflation-adjusted value they had in the late 1970s, collectors are wanting to learn the value of these sets. Herewith, we provide a list of the top 10 most valuable Franklin Mint silver sets. Word of warning: these sets have value only when they are made of sterling silver or gold-plated sterling silver. Often, an "economy priced" set was issued made of bronze or pewter, and these versions have very little if any value.

1.  The Franklin Mint Presidential Ingot Collection, 5000 Grains Edition

According to our database of Franklin Mint sets, this set of 36 sterling silver ingots is the most valuable of all the silver sets issued by The Franklin Mint. A 2500 grain set and a one ounce set were also produced in sterling silver. You can check the value of this set in our FRANKLIN MINT PRICE GUIDE.

2.  The Franklin Mint History of USA Medals Collection

Each of these sterling silver medals is 45 millimeters in diameter (about 2 inches). The complete set is 200 medals. This series of 200 medals provides a comprehensive history of the U.S. since the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Each medal recalls a different year by depicting the "event of the year" selected from those listed on the reverse. The set was housed in a large wooden box with sliding shelves for the medals, 20 medals per shelf.

3.  The Franklin Mint 100 Greatest Masterpieces

This set of 100 medals was produced in a regular sterling silver edition and also a gold-plated sterling silver edition. The gold-plated version is slightly more valuable than the regular sterling edition, although some buyers will try to convince you otherwise. Each medal depicted a famous artwork through the ages. The set was housed in a beautiful mahogany display box with shelves. Although quite valuable, this is one of the more common sets.

4.  The Franklin Mint Centennial Cars Ingot Collection

Celebrating 100 years of automobiles, this set of 100 sterling silver ingots was produced from 1974 - 1978. Each ingot measures roughly 1.25" X 2.25". The set was housed in a beautiful solid oak trunk.

5.  The Franklin Mint History of Mankind Medals Collection

The set was issued from 1974-1982. The complete set contains 100 medals. Each medal is a 51 millimeter Proof, 24K gold electroplate coating on sterling silver. The most important events in the history of civilization were commemorated in this collection.

6.  The Franklin Mint 50 Greatest Sailing Ships in History Ingot Collection

Museum Collection. Complete set of 50 ingots.  Each measures app. 2-1/2" by 1-3/4". The 50 greatest sailing ships of the past 50 centuries were honored in this collection of 50 ingots.

7.  The Franklin Mint Bicentennial History of the United States Ingots Collection

This set of sterling silver ingots included 100 different pieces commemorating great events in American history.

8.  The Franklin Mint Bicentennial Bowl

14 inches in diameter, 7 inches high. This is a seldom-seen piece, although not worth the astronimical prices seen on sites like eBay and Soldster.com.

9.  The Franklin Mint Masterpieces of Thomas Gainsborough Ingots Collection

This was a set of 100 gold-plated sterling silver ingots issued to commemorate the great works of British artist Sir Thomas Gainsborough. We believe this set was issued on in Great Britain and the UK.

10.  The Franklin Mint Flags of the United Nations Collection

Complete set of 135 large ingots, certified on March 15, 1974. Each ingot shows the official flag of a country that is a member of the United Nations at that time. The full size set was issued when there were 135 members. A small so-called "mini" set was issued later which contained 142 tiny silver ingots, each about the size of a fingernail. The mini set has little value.

This list includes only sterling silver sets. A number of very valuable sets were produced in 24 karat gold. We will present a top 10 list of these sets in a future installment.

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