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The Official Gem Ingots Collection (Franklin Mint )


Complete set of 30 ingots. A select group of the world's leading gem houses privately issued sterling silver presentation ingots for their prime customers. Each ingot bears the official identifying mark of the gem house it represents. It thus serves as a "silver calling card" for that gem house.

The ingots in this collection are all different. Each ingot is set with a precious gem stone, the one most closely associated with the issuing gem house. Each one bears the name and official identifying symbol of the issuing gem house, along with the city and county in which it is located. The ingot's reverse identifies the gem stone it contains and includes a brief description of it.

Individual specimens of these official private presentation gem ingots are minted in limited numbers. The mint offered a complete collection of these sterling silver gem-ingots to its own collectors and Diners Club Members. A custom-designed display case covered in genuine leather fitted with a combination lock was provided to each subscriber. Each ingot is accompanied by a specially-written reference folder, which has been prepared with the assistance of Dr, Eduard Gubelin, one of the world's leading gemologists. The set was issued from 1978-1983.


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