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The Great American Indian Chiefs Medals Collection (Franklin Mint, 1977)


36mm. Complete set of 36 medals. Issued from 1977-1980. The American Indian has always been an indomitable figure. Courageous, stalwart, and brave. The inspiration and leadership for his cause has been provided by many of the most heroic figures in all history. Great chiefs and warriors whose names have become legend. Their deeds are a rich and enduring part of American history. In tribute to the great Indian leaders, the American Indian Treaty Council issued this collection of 36 medals honoring 36 of the greatest American Indian chieftains and warriors.

The design for these medals were created by the celebrated Indian artist Oren Lyons. He is a recognized authority on Indian lore and history as well as a gifted and distinguished artist. Each of the medals is historically accurate and authentic in every detail, in addition to being an outstanding work of art. The face of each medal bears a detailed sculpture portraying the Indian leader it honors, together with an appropriate design evoking his most significant achievement. The reverse carris his name and that of his tribe, along with a statement of his importance in Indian history. A display album bearing an authentic Indian symbol was included as part of the set.


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