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Selling Franklin Mint Sets : How to sell Franklin Mint Silver

With the value of precious metals such as silver and gold rising, many people are wondering if now might be the best time to sell Franklin Mint silver sets. The answer is YES, but with caution.

You might sell locally, but you will not get top dollar from a local gold buyer or coin shop. You could try to sell on eBay, but that's a hassle and after paying fees and commission you will end up with less than if you had simply sold directly to an interernet buyer.

That leaves you with finding an internet buyer.  You should look for a Internet buyer who will pay the highest percentage of the precious metal value, obviously.  But you should also look for an Internet buyer who is a member of the Better Business Bureau online reliability program. If the company is a member of their local Chamber of Commerce, that’s even better. And, of course, the company should have a valid business license in the county in which they operate. If the Internet company is not licensed, do not deal with them! You certainly want to sell for the highest possible price, but you also want to avoid being ripped off in the process.

If you look locally for where to sell you may find a coin shop or pawn shop who will offer to buy, but compare their offer with others before accepting. Local buyers pay as little as 40% of the true value when they buy your Franklin Mint sets. A top buyer will pay 75% to 85%.  The difference could be hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Look for an Internet buyer that provides fast, friendly communications and no-obligation bids. A professional buyer will reply to your emails quickly and treat you with respect. If not, go elsewhere. Any reputable buyer will have years of experience and will be happy to help you sell.

Of course, a business must make a profit to remain in business, but a solid company knows that competition is intense and they must pay a fair price in order to remain successful.

A good buyer will provide a price quote in advance, without asking you to ship first.  If a buyer cannot provide an upfront quote, go elsewhere. Do not send your items on approval unless you have thoroughly checked references. By having an upfront bid, you can decide to sell or not, based on the price offered. This is much better than sending first and“hoping” for a good price, which is the way many Internet buyers operate.

In summary, Do your homework, deal with a reputable firm, and you will ensure a successful transaction.

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