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The Masterpieces of Rubens Medals Collection (Franklin Mint, 1977)


45mm diameter medals. Complete set of 100. This set was released in both a gold-plated sterling and a sterling edition, both of which have the same value today. The set was issued from 1977-1984.

For centuries, Peter Paul Rubens has been universally acknowledged as one of the greatest artists who ever lived, a towering genius whose work stands beside that of Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Rembrandt and Raphael. For Rubens was an artist of power and vision, who could make even the most traditional subjects come alive with remarkable freshness and vitality. A brilliant artist who could capture the graceful beauty of the human form with a skill unsurpassed in the history of art. A master whose bold yet beautiful style ushered in the Baroque error of art, and whose work still stands as the ultimate achievement of that creative period.

At the 400th anniversary of his birth in 1577, the genius of Rubens was captured in this collection of 100 fine art sculptured medals, that portrays 100 of his greatest works. A hard-crafted, hardwood colelctor's chest, custom-designed in the rich Baroque style of Ruben's own time, was furnished to each subscriber.


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