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The NASA Manned Space Flight Emblems Collection (Franklin Mint)


Odd shaped. Complete set of 25. The most vivid and dramatic symbols of American's commitment to the exploration of space are the official NASA manned space flight  emblems. Authorized by NASA as official crew and mission emblems to be worn on America's manned space flights, and often based on designs by the Astronauts themselves, they are badges of honor, of pride, of heroic achievement. All 25 of these official space emblems are included in tho collection of 25 sterling silver emblems.

Each emblem honors an important American space program or mission, and is minted in the design and shape of the official NASA emblem it depicts. The face of each emblem portrays the actual crew or mission emblem. The reverse identifies the title and date of the mission and its major accomplishment. A custom-designed collector's wall plaque was provided as part of the collection. 


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