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Do Franklin Mint Collections Have Any Value?

Many folks have collections of Franklin Mint collectibles, either from collecting themselves or through inheritance. The burning question in the minds of many  is: "Do Franklin Mint collectibles have value?" The answer, like so many in life, is "It depends."

The Franklin Mint was perhaps the largest issue of limited edition collectibles in the world, and is still in business today, albeit after a bankruptcy reorganization in the early 2000s.

Franklin Mint issued collectibles in many categories, including dolls, coins, ingots, plates, knives, die-car cars, jewelry and much more. At one point, it was the world's largest private mint, and minted the coinage of many sovereign nations.

The issue price of Franklin Mint editions ranged from just a few dollars to hundreds of dollars each. Did these items hold their value, or go up?

The answer is that many are worth much more than original issue price, while others are not. Those that have enjoyed significant price appreciation are those sets made of precious metals such as sterling silver or gold. Otherwise, for items like dolls, plates, and knives, prices have not held, and in fact many of these items can be bought for a fraction of their original issue price.

So, the answer to the question posed at the beginning of this article is that those collections made of silver or gold have good value today, often more than original issue price, while those not made of precious metals can be bought for a fraction of original issue price.

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