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Franklin Mint Silver Want List : A List of Franklin Mint Silver Sets we WANT TO BUY!

Searching for A Franklin Mint Silver Buyer? You have come to the right place! Here is a list of Franklin Mint Silver Sets that we want to buy. Even if it is not listed here, we will still buy it. The list is a very comprehesive list of items we are ALWAYS BUYING. The searchable want list consists of detailed reports on items we want to buy TODAY. The database is updated daily based on customer demands.

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The International Society of Postmasters World's First Stamps Collection (Franklin Mint, 1979)

73 gold-plated on sterling silver proofs.  73 nations stamps that were the first to issue sta... Get Details

Franklin Mint Art Treasures of Ancient Greece Medals (Gold-Plated Bronze)

45mm, proof, gold-plated bronze, 50 in a complete set. Get Details

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Sterling Mini-Coin (Franklin Mint, 1974)

10mm. This mini-coin is the 37th coin minted as part of the Franklin Mint Mini-Coin Presidential Co... Get Details

Wildlife Mint: Migratory Bird Stamps 1934-1981 Medals Collection

Each 35.5 mm medal is one troy ounce of .999 pure silver. Complete set of 48 medals with the origin... Get Details

Gerald Ford Inaugural Medals Collection (Medallic Art, 1974)

Complete set of four large medals housed in black display box.
Get Details

The Official Flags of All Nations Gold on Sterling Miniatures Collection (Franklin Mint, 167 ingots, 1982)

Complete set of 167 mini ingots of sterling silver coated with a thin plating of 24 Karat gold. Lim... Get Details

Christmas 'The Nativity' Holiday Silver Proof Medal (Franklin Mint, 1971)

The Nativity, minted with a gem proof finish in solid sterling silver, is the sevent... Get Details

Mission To Mars Commemorative Eyewitness Platinum Mini-Coin (Franklin Mint, 1976)

Solid Platinum. 10mm diameter. Issued to commemorate the landing of Viking I on Mars, July 20, 1976... Get Details

Franklin Mint The 1977 Calendar / Art Medal by Donald Everhart II

76 millimeter in diameter. Certified November 7, 1976. Get Details
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