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Searching for A Franklin Mint Silver Buyer? You have come to the right place! Here is a list of Franklin Mint Silver Sets that we want to buy. Even if it is not listed here, we will still buy it. The list is a very comprehesive list of items we are ALWAYS BUYING. The searchable want list consists of detailed reports on items we want to buy TODAY. The database is updated daily based on customer demands.

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The American Bicentennial Society Official 200th Anniversary Commemorative 'Spirit of '76' Medal (Lincoln Mint, 1975)

45mm diameter. Limited edition, hallmarked, solid sterling silver medal issued to commemorate the i... Get Details

The Treasures of American Art Medals Collection (Franklin Mint)

45mm, proof, sterling silver only, 100 in a complete set. A collection of 100 medals honoring the o... Get Details

Apollo 14 Silver Mini Coin (Franklin Mint, 1971)

10mm. This limited edition Franklin Mint Collectors Society mini-coin was made from a special melt ... Get Details

The 12 Twelve Days of Christmas Limited Edition Spoons Set (Franklin Mint, 1972)

5-3/8" long. Both sterling and vermeil (gold-plated) versions were produced. Complete set of 1... Get Details

The New Franklin Mint Headquarters Dedication Medal (Franklin Mint, 1970)

Issued in both bronze and sterling silver. The bronze version has little if any value. Includes com... Get Details

The Medallic History of the American Presidency Medals Collection (Franklin Mint, 1977)

39mm. Issued in a 24KT gold clad version and a sterling silver only version. A collection of 100 me... Get Details
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